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Selected Poems

"Learned Helplessness" and "Glamping" at Sixth Finch

October 2023

"Why Don't We Paint the Town" and "The Standard" at Identity Theory

July 2023

"Mother's Day" and "Selling Sunset" at Sweet Literary Magazine
May 2023

"Training" at Verse Daily (originally published in The Cincinnati Review)

September 2022

"Valentine" at Hayden's Ferry Review
April 2022

"Retreat" and "People I Envy the Most" at The Shore
March 2022

"Scold's Bridle" at Verse Daily (originally in Salt Hill)
May 2021

"Luster" at Verse Daily (originally in Southern Indiana Review)
June 2021

"Dark Hollow Falls" at Hoxie Gorge Review
August 2020

"Fire Breathing" at Rappahannock Review

January 2020

"Gather" at Southern Indiana Review
Fall 2019

"Two Truths & A Lie" at The Shallow Ends
December 2018

"Vow" at The Boiler Journal

September 2018

"Summons" at Four Way Review

April 2018

"Things People Say to Me After" at The Rumpus

April 2018

"Lady Smith" at 32 Poems

January 2018

"Path of Totality" at Cincinnati Review miCRo

October 2017

"Encore" at Juked

July 2017

Three Poems at Heavy Feather Review
Summer 2017

"No Other Appetite," "Ode to Stairmaster," and "My Love and I Are Inventing a Country" at Waxwing Literary Journal

October 2016

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